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The best part of finding something you love on the site is knowing that here at Indinweddingstyle.com, we do not keep stock ready to ship in a warehouse. Each item we print is created especially for you and the exciting process of supporting independent artists begins at the time your order is placed! 

Take a look below at our production timeframes. That's the time it takes for our lovely production partners to create your order for you.


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  • Preside over the production of goods.
  • Analyze and reduce costs.
  • Order appropriate materials.
  • Ensure products are created on time.
  • Test machines for disrepair and malfunctions.
  • Set and meet production goals.
  • Purchase and calibrate machines.
  • Hire, train, and supervise workers.
  • Correct problems on production line.
  • Maximize the production process to lower costs.
  • Change production levels and staffing on different product lines to minimize inventory levels.
  • Monitor product standards.
Returns & Replacements

After you use a product, or when you receive an item you bought online, you may identify problems with it – in other words, it does not meet a consumer guarantee.

Depending on the type of problem (also known as a failure under the Australian Consumer Law), the store or seller may have to provide a ‘remedy’, such as:

  • a refund
  • repairs
  • a replacement
  • compensation.

The type of remedy you are entitled to depends on whether the problem ismajor or minor.


Online contracts are classified as distance contracts, which means that the trader (service provider, seller) and the consumer (natural person who is acting for purposes which are outside his trade, business or profession), in lack of their simultaneous, actual and physical presence enter into contract not by meeting in person (e.g. in commercial premises, market, open-air market, via trade agent etc.), but only in an electronic way.

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We accept the following payment methods:

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  • PayPal

Please note that most card transactions will require 3D Secure. Please contact your bank to set this up if required.

If you are booking a training course you can request an invoice for the course fee. You must supply a valid purchase order number.

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